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Anthem, UC Enter Into Alliance

Boosting New Healthcare Policies in California

By Payers & Providers Staff

Nov 15, 2012

California Region

Anthem Blue Cross of California and the University of California have joined forces to create an alliance that will focus on developing healthcare policy and improving access to care for the state’s residents.

The collaboration, which will be known as the California Health Alliance, will focus on areas such as the development of accountable care models to manage chronic conditions such as diabetes, and the expansion of telemedicine networks in order to improve care for residents of rural areas.

"As two of the state’s leading organizations, this new affiliation has the ability to revolutionize California’s healthcare delivery system,” said John Stobo, M.D., a senior vice president for the UC Health system.

The collaborative will include all of UC’s hospitals and health professional schools. It will be run by a joint leadership team, with resources assigned to specific initiatives as needed, according to an Anthem spokesperson. Funding may come from either UC or Anthem, or both, with decisons made on a case-by-case basis.

“We know that residents of the state look to a future that includes access to quality health care that is affordable,” said Pam Kehaly, president of Anthem Blue Cross of California. “By teaming with the University of California Health, we are bringing together some of the most innovative improve the health and wellness of California residents.”

Details were unavailable regarding where the alliance would be located, its annual budget, or specific members of its management team. A website for the alliance has yet to be launched.





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